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Growth Model Base on Science, Technology and Innovation

Growth Model Base on Science, Technology and Innovation

Development of Science, Technology and Innovation in Vietnam

Thang Vo and Dinh Nguyen

Từ khoá:

Vietnam, Innovation, Goverment, Research, TFP, Policy

Võ Tất Thắng

Thắng Võ

Nguyễn Xuân Định

Định Nguyễn

Tóm tắt

Vietnam's capabilities in technology, science, and innovation are still weak, with the national technology innovation system being new and not fully operational. Research and development activities remain underfunded in both public and private sectors. Economic growth has been prioritized over research and development in development policies for many years. Strong commitments from the highest levels of the Vietnamese government are essential to convince publishers and businesses of the importance of research, innovation, economic growth, and keeping up with technology. Investments in technology, research, and development are crucial for Vietnam to enhance its global competitiveness and prepare for the future. The government plays a vital role in providing economic and social guidance to ensure resources for innovation are allocated efficiently and related factors work together cohesively.

Vietnam has a progressive legal framework for science and technology innovation, with institutions supporting research and development initiatives. However, there is a need for a modern legal framework to support innovation effectively. Consolidating existing support agencies into a professional government body with high autonomy and abundant financial resources can streamline policy implementation and reduce costs. Improving data provision on research and development activities through legislation can enhance the impact and effectiveness of current and future science and technology policies. This will increase investor confidence and interest in research and development activities in Vietnam.

Thang Vo and Dinh Nguyen (2017), "Development of Science, Technology and Innovation in Vietnam", Growth Model Base on Science, Technology and Innovation, pp. 89-118, DOI: KX.01.17/16-20

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