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HAPRI meets Australian Commission and Policy Advisory Council on International Agricultural Policy Research

Updated: May 3

On the evening of June 14, 2022, at Victoria Resort in Can Tho, researchers from the Health and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (HAPRI) convened with specialists from the Australian Commission and the Policy Advisory Council on International Agricultural Research (ACIAR, PAC). These entities serve as advisory bodies to the Australian Foreign Minister on matters pertaining to international agricultural policy research. This gathering was a segment of the delegation's field trip itinerary in the Mekong Delta, aimed at gaining insights into the prevailing agricultural landscape and identifying development opportunities within Vietnam's agricultural sector.

Attending the meeting, representatives of the Commission for International Agricultural Research (CIAR) includes leading experts in the Australian agricultural industry

  • Mrs. Fiona Simson (Commissioner, Chair),

  • Prof. Andrew Campbell (Commissioner, ACIAR CEO),

  • Prof. Lindsay Falvey (Commissioner),

  • Ms. Su McCluskey,

  • Dr. Sasha Courville,

  • Dr. Beth Woods, and

  • Mr. Tony York.

The Policy Advisory Council for International Agricultural Research (PAC) was represented by

  • Prof. Wendy Umberger (President),

  • Dr. Audrey Aumua Member,

  • Dr. Nguyen Van Bo, and other commissioners.

Additionally, HAPRI established a valuable connection with Mr. Howard Hall, the Agribusiness Program Manager at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), who oversees the food loss project in the Mekong Delta region, supported by ACIAR and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The meeting also included the presence of ACIAR Vietnam's representatives: Ms. Thanh An, Ms. Lan Phuong, and Ms. Thu Huong, further strengthening the collaborative ties.

People gathering
Connecting with CIAR, PAC, and ACIAR (clockwise, Ms. Julia Checco, Mr. Lindsay Falvey, Prof. Wendy Umberger, Mr. Howard Hall, and Mr. Andrew Campell)

During the meeting, the delegation engaged with researchers who are actively involved in ACIAR-funded initiatives aimed at supporting the Mekong Delta. Notably, they discussed a project spearheaded by HAPRI that investigates food loss within the catfish value chain in the Mekong River Basin.

The gathering marked a significant shift from virtual to in-person interactions, providing a much-needed platform for direct, amicable dialogue among managers, scientists, business professionals, and partners. It served as a crucial opportunity to address research matters pertinent to Vietnam's agricultural domain.

ACIAR's contributions are instrumental in addressing critical challenges faced by the Mekong Delta, such as climate change, enhancing farmer-market linkages, and minimizing value chain losses. The overarching aim of these efforts is to secure the livelihoods of the local population and to foster effective adaptation strategies within Vietnam's contemporary agricultural landscape.

Group pose for a picture
HAPRI, Ms. An - ACIAR Vietnam country manager (furthest left), and Andrew Campell - ACIAR CEO (middle)

Following the visit to the Mekong Delta and various other initiatives, the delegation will pinpoint key research topics of bilateral and multilateral importance between Vietnam and Australia. The insights gathered will inform recommendations to the Australian Foreign Minister on prospective agricultural investment programs, aimed at bolstering the collaborative efforts between the two nations.

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