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Updated: Apr 4

Following a series of HAPRI TALKS, on 24 Mar 2021, the workshop “Head, Heart and Hands – Journey is the Destination” took place at campus B University of Economics HCMC. Mr Nguyen Gia Thi, a Vietnamese by heart, German on paper - shared his journey around various countries and positions in the corporate world with Siemens Healthineers. The workshop was hosted by Dr. Vo Tat Thang - the director of Health and Agricultural Policies Research Institute and attracted much attention from both lecturers and students.

Dr. Vo Tat Thang - Director of HAPRI

In the charming atmosphere, Mr. Thi shared his same concern with current students about choosing the right career. He admitted the complexity in the labor market and emphasized the importance of self-orientation in each one's life. Under the uncertainty and complexity, asking the right questions (What makes your job calling?, What is your passion? etc.) is so important even though the answers are clear yet. Also, Mr. Thi shared his valuable experience which he gained through 19 years working in the industry in Germany, Spain, and Vietnam,

He values the formula 3Hs (Head, Heart, and Hands), which is the key to success. For him, 2 Hs are never enough, always apply all 3 Hs. He added: “The longest distance is 55 centimeters, which is from your head to your heart and vice versa” to emphasize transferring the knowledge in your head into the excitement and passion in your work. Last but not least, Mr. Thi expressed his happiness when sharing his experience with other people. For him, this created his values and this is much more valuable than anything else.

Interesting questions from audience

In the end, Mr. Thang expressed his regard to Mr. Thi with promising cooperation for the next events of HAPRI.

You can connect with Mr. Thi through LinkedIn and Zalo by scanning QRcode below.

Mr. Thi's Zalo
Mr. Thi's LinkedIn

See you on the next HAPRI TALKS event, as well as on other HAPRI events!

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