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Students Meet Enterprises (SMEs) - SERIES 1: Koi Capital - Investment Opp. in the Age of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 4

Students Meet Enterprises (SMEs) - Series 1: KOI Capital

HAPRI invites UEH students to join the webinar

"Students Meet Enterprises (SMEs) - SERIES 1: Koi Capital - Investment Opportunities in the Age of Covid-19”

This is the very first workshop of the SMEs Series organized by HAPRI to connect UEH students with domestic and international enterprises.

This time, HAPRI will introduce to you KOI Capital.

  • Koi Capital brings in 15 years of combined experience in investing, startup and system design. They have $2 million+ assets under private management.

  • Koi Capital works along side private equity, venture capital and some of the wealthiest private investors in Australia and Philippines.

  • KOI Capital believes good governance and technological advancement will make our world a better place.



  • Analyze investment risks and opportunities in the pandemic time

  • Q&A with UEH students

  • Announce the Mini Challenge contest to find future interns at KOI Captital


  • 7 pm, Friday August 14th, 2020


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