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UEH Awards the Appointment Decision for the Position of Associate Professor to Dr. Vo Tat Thang, Director of HAPRI

Updated: Mar 19

On the afternoon of May 09th, 2022, at the Auditorium A.103, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) solemnly organized the Appointment Decision and Declaration Ceremony of Professor Title 2021 for lecturers acquiring the Professor Title.

Attending the Appointment Decision Ceremony of Professor title, in terms of the Heads of UEH, were Prof. Nguyen Dong Phong - Chairman of UEH Council and UEH Professor Council. Prof. Su Dinh Thanh - President of UEH, Dr. Bui Quang Hung - Vice President, Assoc. Prof. Phan Thi Bich Nguyet - Chairwoman of the Policy and Strategy Advisory Council, Dr. Bui Quang Viet - Chairman of the Union together with the presence of Heads of Member Colleges, lecturers who are members of UEH Professor Council, leaders and employees of School of Management, School of Economics, International School of Business, and officials as well as laborers participating in congratulating 4 new Associate Professors.

on March 30th, 2022, the President of the Professor Council signed the Decision 16 acclaiming the approval of the Associate Professor and Professor title for 04 lecturers of UEH including:

  1. Dr. Vo Tat Thang - Vice Dean at School of Economics, UEH College of Economics, Law and Government;

  2. Dr. Le Nhat Hanh - Head of the Department of Research Methodology, School of Management, UEH College of Business;

  3. Dr. Tran Dang Khoa - Head of the Department of Strategic Management, School of Management, UEH College of Business;

  4. Dr. Doan Tuan Anh - Lecturer of the International School of Business.

Prof. Nguyen Dong Phong (left cover) và Prof. Su Dinh Thanh (right cover) representing the leaders of UEH issued the Associate Professor appointment decisions to new Associate Professors (from left, Associate Professor Dr. Doan Anh Tuan, Associate Professor Dr. Le Nhat Hanh, Associate Professor Dr. Tran Dang Khoa, and Associate Professor Dr. Vo Tat Thang)

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong congratulated the newly appointed Associate Professors and acknowledged their efforts and perseverance in achieving this well-deserved success. The newly appointed Associate Professors are a source of pride for UEH, increasing the total number of Professors and Associate Professors to 56, affirming the quality of the team serving in teaching, scientific research, and leadership at UEH.

Associate Professor Dr. Vo Tat Thang also shared his joy and emotions on receiving the appointment decision. He believes that this is the result of many favorable connections, not just individual effort. He expressed sincere gratitude to the university leadership, departments, and colleagues for their support throughout his journey.

Associate Professor. Dr. Vo Tat Thang spoke at the meeting to receive the appointment decision

Additionally, the newly appointed Associate Professor shared his enthusiasm to continue contributing and striving, emphasizing community projects. He considers this an important milestone in his career, marking a transition to a new phase, not only in academic research but also in deeper engagement with practical applications and contributions to societal development.

The HAPRI Institute extends congratulations to Associate Professor Dr. Vo Tat Thang. We wish him continued dedication and passion in future projects, leading HAPRI to achieve its vision of “becoming one of the strong domestic research units in the field of health economics and agricultural policy, recognized by international research organizations and universities worldwide".

Mr. Thang and the HAPRI team and teachers of the Faculty of Economics, College of Economics, Law and Government-UEH

Author: HAPRI team

Photo: MarCom Department UEH

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