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Information-An International Interdisciplinary Journal

Information-An International Interdisciplinary Journal

Consensus Methods by Analyzing Keywords in Blogosphere

Mohd Zulkefli Nurul Akhmal, Trong Hai Duong, Inay Ha and Geun Sik Jo


Dương Trọng Hải

Hải Dương


Search engines and plug-ins have been created to support information retrieval in blogs. However, traditional search engines and plug-ins are quite unsuitable for searching through blogs, because the information in blogs is important not only in terms of content but also significance the people who have endorsed and contributed to the information. In addition, traditional search engines cannot trace which blog members have agreed with the provided information. In this paper, we propose a consensus method to solve the provided information based on trust information among bloggers. We introduce consensus-based retrieval in order to provide the best result for information retrieval in blogs. Our consensus methods have been developed to consider the important keys of accurate information, which is majority agreement from other bloggers based on the keywords. The consensus methods can find more reliable information using many reliable bloggers because accurate information is often agreed on by most members of blogosphere. Additionally, we used a context based method to get the most suggested blogs from the results of the each sub-consensus method. We present experimental results that get the most accurate and effective information using our proposed methods.

Mohd Zulkefli Nurul Akhmal, Trong Hai Duong, Inay Ha and Geun Sik Jo (2010), "Consensus Methods by Analyzing Keywords in Blogosphere", Information-An International Interdisciplinary Journal, 13, (5), pp. 1625-1637

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