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Economic Systems

Economic Systems

Gender equality and economic complexity

Canh Phuc Nguyen

Từ khoá:

Nguyễn Phúc Cảnh

Cảnh Nguyễn

Tóm tắt

This study is the first attempt to examine the influence of gender equality on economic complexity. Specifically, we investigate the effects of four aspects (employment, health, education, rights) of gender equality with 20 variables in an economic complexity index. To deal with potential endogeneity, we used the two-step system–generalized method of moments approach with an unbalanced panel of data on 119 economies from 1991 to 2017. First, labor participation in industry or service sectors as well as wage and salaried employment by women appears to improve economic complexity, while women’s employment in agriculture, contributions to family workers, self-employment, and vulnerable employment have a negative impact. Second, better health conditions for women increase economic complexity. Third, gender equality in education has a positive impact on economic complexity. Fourth, the empowerment of women in terms of socioeconomic-political rights is a positive factor for economic complexity. Overall, gender equality has great benefits for economic complexity.

Canh Phuc Nguyen (2021), "Gender equality and economic complexity", Economic Systems, 45, (4), pp. 100921, DOI: 10.1016/j.ecosys.2021.100921

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